How to Participate

About the Campaign

One Crore HaathSaathSaath is a National Self Enforcement drive to spread awareness around road safety. As part of this campaign we will be creating human chains across 100+ locations in the country.

Joining a Human Chain

You can search for Human Chains in your area by searching on the website through all the Upcoming Human Chains that will be formed across designated locations at pre-defined times.
Join A Chain .

Types of Chains

There will be three types of chains that you will see in your dashboard:

  • Active Chain: Chains that were formed on the mentioned date and are available to join
  • Upcoming Chain: Chains that will be formed on the date, time and location mentioned. You may join this chain anytime depending on your location, time, date etc.
  • Past Chain: Chains that were formed in the past and are not active anymore.

Starting a Human Chain

In case you cannot find a Human Chain in your vicinity, you can Start A Chain on the campaign microsite. To Start A Human Chain, you need to have at least 5 members and answer the following:

  • Your Location on the map
  • Name of your Campaign
  • Name of the Organizer
  • Sponsors Name (Optional)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Members

Adding people to a human chain:

  • If you have joined a chain and need to add additional members who would be joining the chain at venue, you can do so by using the ADD option on the Chain Event on the campaign microsite.
  • If you have started a chain you can add additional members using the ADD option in your Chains dashboard on the campaign microsite.


If you have started a chain, then you can add photos and videos in the gallery. Please note that only those who have started a chain can upload photos and videos. You can share your photos or videos on social media with #JoinTheChain #BringTheChange.